Stone Cutting Wigan

At Stonescape, we like to ensure that we are able to offer each and every customer the very best experience possible. That’s why we have had an on-site stonemasonry workshop created so that we can not only source stone and granite for our customers, but we can also cut and shape it to size for them. This is a service that we are proud to be able to offer our customers.


Stonemasonry has a long and interesting past; it is a skill that has been around for thousands of years, perhaps even longer - it is a skill that has existed since humans could first make, hold and use tools. Stonemasonry is the craft of taking natural pieces of rock and shaping them into certain geometric shapes, such as bricks, flagstone tiles, or structural supports.


Today, stonemasonry is predominantly used for the creation of items for small-scale construction projects as most larger architectural projects use modern methods of design and construction. Traditionally, however, it was used for all sorts of architectural projects, from the building of the pyramids to cathedrals.


As one of the only specialist companies offering stone cutting in Wigan and the surrounding area, we are proud of our on-site workshop, especially as it allows us to provide our customers with an all in one service. From the sourcing of the stone to the shaping of it, we can even put you in touch with construction companies that we would recommend using. At Stonescape, we believe in going above and beyond for our customers.


We understand that each and every customer’s needs will be individual which is why we are so pleased to have such an experienced team on hand. When it comes to what you want or need a piece of natural stone or granite for, our team is always on hand to help make sure that you select the right stone size and shape for the needs of your project. We are always happy to talk you through each step of the process of selecting and shaping the different natural rock types, sizes, and shapes.


At Stonescape we understand that when it comes to a construction project or home renovation, you want to get on with the work as swiftly as possible. That is why our team always works as quickly as possible to ensure that any natural stone or granite that you have ordered is cut and shaped as quickly as possible. Despite our speedy service, none of our work is ever rushed, as we believe in ensuring that each and every piece of our work is produced to the highest quality.


When it comes to stone cutting in Wigan, you will be hard pushed to find another specialist company that works as quickly and efficiently as we do, always endeavouring to ensure that our work is of the very highest quality. As Stonescape we believe in always providing the very highest quality products and levels of service, as we want to ensure that our customers are always happy with the experience they have with us.