Reclaimed Granite Wigan

Stonescape is a specialist natural stone and granite supplier, operating in and around the Wigan area. Along with offering an array of natural stone and granite pieces that have been reclaimed, we also have an on-site stone masonry that’s fitted out with all of the latest tools and pieces of technology.


At Stonescape, we know that granite is one of the most popular materials used in properties throughout the UK, which is why we offer a range of different reclaimed granite types. If you are wondering how we source our reclaimed granite, then you aren’t alone - this is a common question that a lot of our customers ask. Like all good reclaimed stone and granite specialists, we source our stone from all sorts of different locations; we scour the globe for all the best pieces of stone and granite. We like to keep an eye out for any old pieces of granite, from granite gate posts and cobbles to granite flooring and kerbs.


Once our highly skilled team have sourced granite to reclaim, then next step is to bring back to our business premises in Wigan, ready to be transformed or sold. Because we have an on-site stone masonry fitted with all of the most up to date masonry tools and technology, there’s no limit to the things that we can do with reclaimed granite. Having a masonry on-site is useful as it means that whatever requests our customers have, we tend to be able to deal with them ourselves, this cuts out the middleman and speeds up the buying process.


At Stonescape, we always endeavour to ensure that the reclaimed granite that we offer is of the highest quality. Because we have a wealth of knowledge about natural stones and granite, we are able to ensure that every piece of granite that we source is of a good quality and is useable. To ensure that your experience buying from us goes as smoothly as possible, we will always have team members on hand to help answer any questions that you may have about a certain piece of granite. Whether you want to know where it’s sourced from or how old it is, our highly skilled and experienced on-site team can help.


Whether you are looking for reclaimed granite to use for flooring, for your garden, or for part of a construction project, we are able to help. Not only can we help to make the decision process easier by sharing out in-depth knowledge of natural granite, but we can also cut and shape the stone that you have chosen for you in our on-site stone masonry workshop, ensuring that it’s a perfect fit for the project that it is being used for.


A lot of people presume that reclaimed granite isn’t as strong as new granite or artificial building materials, but that isn’t the case. As long as the granite has been checked over for any serious flaws or damage, then it should be just as sturdy as any other building materials, new or reclaimed.